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Race Registration and Scoring System

User Login Page

Opening February 1, 2022

The new Mac Registration and Scoring system will open on or about February 1, 2022.  This is the page is where all individuals (crew, competitors, parent/guardians, race administrators) will go first to log in to an existing profile, create a new profile, or initiate a Request For Invitation.  Each user must have a unique email address used only by that person, and a unique personalcell phone number.  Each person will have a single "User Profile", whether you are crew, competitor, parent/guardian, race administrator, or all four!


  • Crew:  If you have been a competitor or crew member in any Chicago Mac race since 2009 (even earlier for some) you should have an existing user profile.  You may login to your profile using either your email address of cell phone number as your user id.  You may also request a password reset using either ID.  If a competitor has asked you to join a crwe but you do not have an existing profile you may create one here.  Once your profile has been created inform the competitor of the email address and cell phone used in your profile so the competitor can send you an invitation via the system to join the crew.
  • Competitors:  All competitors are also crew members.  In the updated system you will no longer have a separate login for your entry.  Instead, the boat entry is attached to your user (crew) profile. 
  • Parent/Guardian:  Any crew member under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian execute a Parent/Guardian waiver, and verify the date of birth of any children/wards you are allowing to participate in the race.  You must create a "crew" profile for yourself, and then create a profile for your child(ren).
  • Race Administrator:  Your user profile as a race adminsitrator is the same profile that you may use as a crew member.  Once logged in you will have the opportunity to choose if you want to be logged in in your race administrator role or a crew member roles.
  • Request For Invitation:  If you wish to request an invitation to enter a boat in this year's race and do not receive an automatic invitation (and did not compete in one of the last four races), you will begin the process by logging in or creating a new profile at this page after the system is opened on February 1.








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